The Youth for Christ Student2Staff Internship Program is designed to train YFC alumni how to be a YFC leader.

Our desire is to provide for the students that stay home for college a place where they can receive discipleship and a unique training on YFC distinctive.

This past year was our our first time running a program like this. We had 10 young adults that had graduated from Campus Life or Student Led ministry and felt God's call on their life to volunteer or work for YFC or in youth ministry in the future. They are now entering their second year of the internship program. One student has even graduated to become a part-time LIYFC staff member.

This program helps young adults achieve these goals and move them closer to God in their personal faith journeys.

If you would like to know more or donate to this cause please contact us at the YFC office 631-385-8333 or email [email protected]

Check out this awesome video telling more about Student2Staff