Campus Life


Campus Life is a fun meeting where students get together, play games, have fun, and discuss important topics. Our theme this year is limitless. Each week we will see who can live up to the challenge of being limitless with Campus Life this year. You can do this by coming to CL every Thursday night, by bringing your friends to CL and by going to all the awesome trips and events that are offered. 


Campus Life meets every Thursday night at 7:30pm-9:30pm during the school year (approximately)

In the summer we change it up and do a lot of trips and outings. Check out what we have going on this summer below or contact your CL leader today!

Fall is just around the corner and we are already gearing up for a great year.  Campus Life wants to be a game changer in every student's life. We will have a year to remember and everyone who joins us will be changed for the better! 


Lutheran Church of Our Savior
12 Franklin Ave, Port Washington NY 11050

For Who?

High School Students (9th Grade-12th Grade)

More Questions?

Contact Youth for Christ Leader Stephen Cruzado, [email protected]

Check out our Events Page for the calendar of events!