Made in His Image – A Story from JJM

May 16, 2022


Every week our Juvenile Justice Ministry leaders are serving at the Nassau County Detention Center. From hosting Bible studies to teaching art and music, our goal is to share the love of God with those that have often lost hope.

Kevin, one of our YFC leaders, is an artist who uses his talents to draw portraits of the young people. This time is very powerful as it allows Kevin to meet with the kids in a unique setting, many never having ever sat for a portrait before. Kevin uses these opportunities to instill value and self-worth to each individual as he carefully draws their unique features. One young man who recently was released from the Center shared his experience with us…

Watch as our team pours truth into this young man’s life. Hear how our team is mentoring and giving support to help one boy transition back to his life after being incarcerated. We often talk about how we minister to hurting youth who need Jesus, in this video you will see our YFC team giving hope, truth and love to one kid! You can watch a child of God recognize God’s great love!

Man drawing a portrait of a young man


Made in His Image