Summer Trips & Events

Come Have a Summer Adventure with YFC!

Island Wide Events - we will be adding new events all summer! Keep checking back for more information.

Heatwave 2022 - Sunday, June 26th to Friday, July 1st 2022 - Trip to YFC Heatwave Conference locations at WIldwood Beach in New Jersey For Senior High School Students 

Pool Day - Date Coming Soon

Beach Day - Date Coming Soon



Individual Site Events - Each City Life, Campus Life and Core Site will be doing different small group activites this summer.  Check with your Site Director more information.

City Life Central Islip - Jannon Smith - email: [email protected]

CL - Campus Life Port Washington High School - Stephen Cruzado  - email: [email protected]

CLM - Campus Life Port Washington Middle School - Stephen Cruzado  - email: [email protected]

City Life Hempstead - Clai Williams - email: [email protected]

Core - Jennifer Halfant - email: [email protected]

Core - Emma Ort - email: [email protected]