Golf Outing 2020

LIYFC's Golf Outing - August 3, 2020

Letter for YFC's Executive Director, Craig Muller to our Golfers/Sponsors:

For the past 28 years, Long Island Youth for Christ has hosted an annual golf outing to raise support for the good work we do with young people.  I have been attending the outing since 2002.  I have 18 years of good memories, great food, and even played a good game of golf a time or two.  I am grateful for all of you who have faithfully participated and contributed to the mission of YFC.

Due to restrictions and circumstances surrounding COVID-19 we have been working with the Woodside Club to make this year happen.  Unfortunately, we have concluded that we will not be able to have this year's outing.  This decision was made with great care.  We believe it is the right decision as we donsider the health and well-being of you, your families, the club workers, and the work places you are associated with.

We understand that this pandemic has affected us in many different ways. Many have lost love ones. Many have been sick and have suffered from the illness. Many have lost income and are struggling financially. We mourn with you. We hope and pray that you are well again. We pray that God will provide for you and all of those you are responsible for. We continue to pray for your health safety and well-being.

We are still doing the work of YFC with young people. Most of our ministry has been transitioned to online. Now, as we begin to think about going back to normal, we are taking great caution as we begin to meet with the kids in small groups following social distance and mask wearing guidelines. It has been wonderful to be back with our students in this capacity. I am glad to inform you we have been able to retain all our staff and ministry sites.

As you can imagine the coronavirus pandemic has affected our ability to fundraise. Canceling the golf outing is another example of this. With this in mind, I would like to give you the opportunity to support the mission of YFC by sending a donation even though we are unable to have the golf outing this year. Your gift will help us to continue working with 11 to 19 year-olds in tough places on Long Island. Thank you again for your support over the years. You have made a difference!

If you would like to make a Donation in place of your usual Golf Sponsorship, please CLICK HERE!

Praying everyone stays safe.  We hope to see you at our outing next year on August 2, 2021!