Be the Story: A Virtual Fundraising Event


Nine out of ten times the story behind a teen's misbehavior will not make you angry but break your heart. We often can look around our world and be discouraged by what we see.  When you take the time to learn the stories behind the person, we easily discover heartbreaking truths. Then compassion takes over! 

At Youth for Christ, we are filled with compassion for young people. We take the time to listen, learn, and try to see people the way God does. We are on a mission to help young people know God and fulfill the purpose God has given them in this life. We know how to do this.  We know how to connect, how to mentor, and how to direct them to a better future. We teach them about God’s love and His plan for their life. We see their lives transform right in front of us by the power of God.  

Isn’t that worth investing in?

At the end of April 2021, we premiered a live fundraising event showcasing the stories of our ministry this past year called "Be the Story".  Watch the re-airing of the event below and share it with your friends! 

Response from someone that watch the event " I have no words for this, but WOW!!! God Bless YFC"