Gifty’s Story

The Power of A Simple Gift

How did you feel when you received an Operation Christmas child box as a child while living in India?
I remember the first time my church ever received the boxes, I along with the other kids were so excited. Personally, I was so overjoyed and grateful because it was the first time I ever received a present for Christmas.

How did it impact you?
To think that someone from a whole different part of the world took the time to put together a care package for me, spoke volumes. I felt so loved in that instant. In a world where sometimes the negative seems to outweigh the positive, this gift reminded me of human kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness.

What motivates you as the leader of your school student led Christian club to have your club and the entire school participate in packing boxes?
It is just the simple idea of sharing God’s love with those around us. I know that we are blessed beyond words and the only thing we can do is to give back to our community. In fact, that is what Jesus told us to do, “Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth” (1 John 3:18).

How do you think getting your school involved in this service project will help those kids receiving it as well as those packing boxes?
I know that these donations will be a blessing to the children, reminding them of God’s love and provision for them. But, I think it will also be a rewarding experience for those packing the boxes because it will give them an opportunity to have an impact on a child’s life in a small yet powerful way. It will also help them reflect on their blessings and have a more giving heart.

Does this project help spread the Gospel in the school?
Yes, and that is definitely part of the reason why we opened it up to the entire school. By participating in this project, we are following and as a result showing one of God’s greatest commands which is to “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mark 12:31). We hope that the students will see Jesus’ love through our actions and realize that “We love because he first loved us.”

How has Youth for Christ influenced your life/ club while in high school?
Going into the High School I knew I wanted to get involved in the Christian club but never would I have ever thought that I would be one of the leaders of the club. Partially because it seemed like a scary task and I did not think I had the skills required to be in that position. However, through the guidance, encouragement and prayers of some leaders from Youth for Christ I was able to develop my skills and become better at reaching out to people. I am also grateful for meetings such as CAYA and Impact where I had the opportunity to be around and meet other leaders who shared the same passion as me. Sometimes the responsibilities as a leader can be overwhelming and more often than not I feel out of my comfort zone, but it is always reassuring to see and hear testimonies from other students who are in the same pursuit as me. These meetings gave me a chance to learn from others and remind me that though we are in different schools and communities, we are united with one purpose; which is to spread the love of God around us. Overall, Youth for Christ has helped me to take my relationship with Jesus more seriously and challenged me to put my faith into action.