Menyon Harrell

Riverhead High School, Friend2Friend '04-'06

First, I think it's great to have the opportunity to share my story; and a story it has been.

Growing up in California was an experience that many may not know but it is where the story began. I moved to NY in 1996 and I have changed so much.

My life was never the same after attending a Tuscarora Retreat (YFC Student Leader Work Camp) when I was 15. I was first introduced to what many would call the setting of "youth camp." In one of the group meetings that we had in a small cabin, I remember being just surrendered to the purity of the songs that were sang. Some of them included "Desperate For You," “Know You More" and the list goes on. My life was never the same.

During my time as Bible Club President at Riverhead HS, I was pulled, shaken, tested and molded. While this was all happening, my old friends from YFC were there in their own way. Craig would visit from time to time. Mike Hamilton supported the club very well and Jack was always there for us. Those are the things that young people remember. At the time, we were mostly looking to find our way in what seemed to be such a gloomy world and I will never forget the influence that the organization had on my life. Ever.

I will never forget the South African Dance group that shared with us that weekend, I will never forget the basketball tournaments when almost dark, I will never forget the unspoken moments that have truly shaped me. Now being the delicate age of 22 I am able to see the goodness of my Father in so many other ways.

Following high school in 2006, I was led to one of the most amazing universities in the world, Oral Roberts University. That season also changed my life. After my second year of study, I relocated back to NY and the journey of "self" had began to unfold. After that move, I learned more about me, about my dear Father, and He has revealed to me more of my future.

Finally, I'll leave you with this, I was talking to my best friend the other day about a reality that has forever changed my life. The other day, I recognized and acknowledged that my heavenly Father has been so faithful to me in every area and season of my life thus far. Growing up in the church, I was able to see the relationship that my mother had with the Lord and how he had been faithful in our family throughout the years; in my youth, I began to know God more for myself and began to read and search out the mysteries of God, surrendering myself to Him. I began to actually see Him move and answer prayers in my life. And now, as a young adult, continuing to find my way in such a massive world, I have come to find that my identity lies in Him. My Father, and beautiful Savior has never left me, has never let me down.