Lisa (Behrens) Morrone

Huntington Campus Life, '83

I was raised since the days of diapers in Syosset Bible Baptist Church. I knew the Bible well and had a memorable youth group experience as a young teen. All this however, did not prevent me from walking away from faith in seventh grade when my parents stopped attending church. Two years later, with her three children knee-deep in the world, my mother decided it was time to head back to church. She chose Central Presbyterian Church in Huntington hoping we would meet other Christian kids from our home town’s high school.

This new church’s youth group was combined with the Huntington section of Long Island’s YFC. Bob Snider was our group’s leader and Kay Jahn helped out as well, as she was Central’s Youth Leader. Much to my dismay, the students who attended the youth group there would not take “No” for an answer and continued inviting me to attend. Finally, just to stop the invitations, I said “Yes”.

 Campus Life was full of good, clean fun and total peer acceptance. One of my favorite memories was of playing Kodak Capers, teams of teens, driving around in cars, getting our pictures taken doing very odd things in very unusual places. I remember convincing a police officer to let me into his back seat so I could get my photo taken in there!  It only took a few months before I began to lose my taste for the things of this world. Slowly I let them go, rededicating my life to Christ on a Living End Retreat in New Hampshire (I believe) in the middle of my junior year of high school (1983).

Years later, while in college, I began dating, and later married, Peter Morrone, who himself had found Christ as a result of one of the early Campus Life Bike Trips. Today Peter and I have enjoyed twenty fruitful years of marriage and are now raising our two teenagers, Casey (16) and Adam (13). We live in Smithtown, NY and attend Northport Baptist Church. All the things that were invested into us through Campus Life we are now investing into our children, our church, and to the world—as Peter and I teach the Bible to masters students here from Mainland China.

Presently God has led me into the field of book publishing. Here I have blended my medical expertise with my desire to see people come to know their Savior. To date I’ve authored five health genre books for Harvest House Publishers. Each book leads readers to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. (You can check them out at ). As a result of these books, God has opened the door for me speak to audiences—on radio, television, and in church-based seminars—sharing the good news of healing on all levels!