Jody Newby Thomas

Port Washington/Manhasset Campus Life, '83-'85

I attended the Port Washington/Manhasset Campus Life the summer before 10th grade until I graduated high school, from 1983-1985.  Tom Stobie was my Campus Life Leader.

I have many special memories about my involvement in Campus Life.  Most importantly it is where my relationship with the Living Loving Lord became real to me.  I was discipled and grew in my relationship with the Lord. It gave me a solid foundation that has continued into my adulthood and helped make me who I am today.

I also loved having FUN and living abundantly in Christ by doing crazy things like tubing, canoeing and being pulled out of my sleeping bag for “kidnap breakfast.” The retreats such as “Living End” and “Fire Island” were awesome, life changing and remain some of my best memories.

I remember having dinner and a sleepover at our Bible Study leader Barb Cunningham’s house.  Due to my growth and involvement in Campus Life I have been a Youth Leader for the past 20 years and I absolutely love youth ministry.  I remember the difference it made in my life and want to be that role model and inspiration to others that my youth leaders were to me.     

I host a Bible study/small group for girls in Rapid City South Dakota once a week where I am a youth leader and my husband Peter is the senior pastor.  We adopted two children when they were 7 and 8 and they are now 21 and 22.  I currently am the Associate Wellness Director at the Rapid City YMCA where I teach Youth Fit class, personal train and help oversee the wellness center.  In my spare time I enjoy bike riding, hiking with my husband and enjoying the outdoors.  In closing, I thank God for Campus Life. It truly helps change peoples’ lives and I’m grateful that it changed mine!