Jennifer Galloway

Northport Campus Life, '84-'87

My name is Jennifer Galloway. I grew up in Northport, NY and was part of the Northport group of Campus Life/Youth for Christ from 1984-1987. I also attended the Huntington group’s meetings from time to time, but more on that later. Jack Crabtree was our leader, and Charlene Cosman also played a great role in our group.

When I think about Campus Life, the main things I think about are the weekly meetings (which were always fun and gave us a great place to both talk and listen), the fellowship (things like trips to the beach and to Mets games – go Mets!) and the retreats. It was on my first retreat that I gave my life to Christ, which was interesting because I had just finished confirmation classes at church. I knew what I believed, but I hadn’t realized that it’s not just about belief – it’s about taking the step to give your life to Christ, allowing Him to enter your heart and make you whole.

I think that one of the ways Campus Life influenced me was by teaching me about living as a community of faith. It was great to be part of a group of people within my own local group, but it was also wonderful to go on the retreats and make friends with people from other groups. I made friends with a lot of the guys in the Huntington group, and I would drop in on their meetings from time to time. I even became friends with a girl from a group in New Jersey, and we’ve reconnected through Facebook after all these years.

Another thing I learned from Campus Life was to live my faith. I moved to North Carolina by myself in 1992 and now live in Huntersville, NC with my husband and two dogs. I’m both happy and proud to serve as a Deacon at Hopewell Presbyterian Church here in Huntersville. I work at Wachovia/Wells Fargo as an operations support consultant in IT. Both work and church keep me busy, but that’s fine with me because I like what I do. On a daily basis, I try to do the things God would have me do. I learned long ago that the little things in life – a helping hand, a kind word - can make a big difference to others.