Ed Duffy

Northport Campus Life, '80

I grew up in East Northport and attended Northport High School.  In 1980, I was told about a group called “Campus Life” by some people that I attended high school with.  It was at different houses each week and sounded like something I would be interested in.

I went to my first meeting and met Jack Crabtree.  I could only think of how much this guy looked like the actor John Ritter!  He was a fun loving guy who led us in participation games, getting to know others better and just fun things.

I didn’t really get that there was a spiritual aspect to Campus Life, but as a 10th grader, I thought it was a good thing.  I enjoyed playing sports and other activities, but never understood that I could interconnect fun with spirituality.  One of my fondest memories (and greatest accomplishments) was winning a pizza eating contest!

We did numerous activities such as all night bowling, pajama breakfasts, picnics, barbeques and Scott Roley Band concerts in Northport Village.  I was challenged spiritually by the staff to live a Christian life in everything I do, not only at church.  I attribute much of my successes to these positive formative experiences.  Growing up in an alcoholic household, my hope for any type of future was uncertain.  I did realize that I needed the Lord’s help no matter what. Jack and Charlene Cosman gave me a lot of practical suggestions and accepted me just the way I was, faults and all.

After graduating from high school in 1982 with three straight years of participating in Campus Life under my belt, I went on to graduate from Suffolk Community College with an Associates Degree.  I dreamed of a law enforcement career and joined New York City Department of Correction.  Although not the glamorous job of a cop, I found my niche in this agency.  I am now the Warden of a 1,700 bed facility managing adults and adolescent city sentenced inmates.

I now live in West Islip, NY with my lovely wife of 24 years Janinne, and my three wonderful children Emily (19) Michael (18) and Jack (14).