Donna (Wallace) Goei

North Bellmore Campus Life, '85-'89

I grew up in North Bellmore and attended Campus Life from 1985-1989.  Our leaders were first Dave and Ellen Liberto and then Donald and Barbara Feltkamp.

I remember loving Campus Life from the first day to the very last. There are so many special memories I have of Campus Life.  The weekly meetings in each other’s houses were so much fun.  I especially remember the ice cream bashes we had to begin the school year that always ended in a big, sticky mess.  On the Living End retreats we went skiing, tubing, listened to great music and talks, and also met new friends from the other clubs.  These were truly life changing for me.  I can't forget to mention the summer bike trips.   Who would believe 75 kids could bike 600 miles in 10 days, but we did!  What a confidence builder that was for me.

Looking back 26 years now, I know it was God's perfect timing in bringing Campus Life into my life.  I was thirteen years old and my parents were getting divorced and I started getting involved with the wrong crowd.  Only after a few months of attending Campus Life, I had all new friends who influenced me for the better.  I was hearing God's word, feeling God's love and having so much fun during a time that could have been devastating for me. I will forever be grateful for having Campus Life during that time in my life.

Now I live in Wilmington, North Carolina with my husband of 17 years and I home school my three girls, ages 13, 11, and 7.  We attend Port City Community Church, a large non-denominational church here in town.  My husband and I help out with a group called Starting Point which helps people who are seeking God, starting a relationship with Him, or are returning back to church after many years.  My two older girls help out with the church dance team and are assistant small group leaders to the elementary kids.