Denise (Stanfield) Costa

I grew up in Huntington, Long Island and attended Walt Whitman High School (’82). I attended Campus Life from 1980-1982 in Huntington and Northport and sometimes even at Greenlawn Presbyterian Church. My Campus Life leaders were Bob Snider and Steve Tomlinson.

Some special memories of CL/YFC of course were the bike trips of 1980, 1981 and 1982. I remember biking to Lake George, Maine, and New Hampshire. These trips were a test of our physical strength as we developed friendships that were long lasting while being introduced to Christian leaders, values, and taught to make the right choices as teenagers. I remember fun games at nights, praise and worship, and feeling a special bond with Christian friends unlike I felt in school. I grew closer to God on these trips

Other special memories were Living End trips during the winter at a resort with awesome winter sports, team building exercises and just total fun with other teenagers while developing a relationship with Christ.  I remember another trip with our small group to Hunter Mountain to my parents' ski house in the Fall where we also did many team building exercises together and got to know one another better.

YFC/Campus Life is a Christian Youth Group and helped me as a teenager to make the right decisions in high school and when I went on to college. When faced with peer pressure to try drugs or premarital sex, I always knew that it was the wrong decision and based on my up bringing and solid foundation and teachings from YFC, church and values I learned from parents—I felt strong enough to say no.

I currently live in the Sarasota area of Florida in a town called North Port on the Gulf side...close to the beaches! I have been married to Steve Costa since 1990. My husband and I are retired Army Nurses and traveled around for 20+ years while in the Army. We lived in San Francisco, CA; San Antonio, TX; Washington D.C.; Enterprise, AL; Maryland and Germany. We have a 15 year old son Joshua and an 11 year old daughter Danielle. We are highly involved in our church teaching Sunday School, assisting with youth group for our kids, small groups, Vacation Bible School and the fundraising committee. Our son collected over 200 bikes as an Eagle Scout project this summer for the Bike Ministry and is assisting fixing and distributing bikes for the needy in the community. I am currently a Nurse Practitioner working in a Workman's Comp clinic caring for patients hurt on the job.