Ann Piesel (Dolores Mincey)

North Babylon Campus Life, '70s

My name was Dolores Ann Mincey, now it is Ann Peisel.  I lived in North Babylon on Long Island, New York .  I now live in Savannah, Georgia.

While in high school in the 70's Campus Life/ Youth for Christ started with leaders Howie Taylor and  Dave Odle.  It all began with a huge BURGER BASH in our backyard one night.  My sister invited her boyfriend, and his basketball team—and the word got out.  It was an amazing turnout of high school kids in our backyard.  We had the beginnings of a Campus Life group from North Babylon High School.  The neighborhood was introduced to a whole new way of introducing Jesus Christ to high school kids.  My mom baked every week and she looked forward to sharing deserts with the kids.  We developed a good base of "Christians" in the high school and it was fun having weekly meetings and fun activities.  I will never forget those days.  Dave and Howie were always good for laughs with their fun games.

 I went on after high school to work as a secretary for a few years with Campus life/YFC before making the decision to go to a college in the south.  I became a Respiratory Therapist in Charleston South Carolina, and eventually married and had three kids.  I am 56 years old now and have been able to look back at my life and see how God has walked with me every step of the way.  I thank Campus Life/YFC for sharing God's message with me in high school.